When and where?

The conference will take place from 25th September to 1st October 2016 in the Mathematical Research and Conference Center in Będlewo, Poland.

Registration, contributions and deadlines

Participants should register by a form available on this web page.
The deadline for the first round of the registration is May 15, 2016.

Late registration (after the deadline) will be possible within the limits of places available in the conference center but with conference fee increased. Participants willing to present a short contribution or poster should state it during the registration and send an abstract by e-mail (50SeminarLie[at]gmail.com) not later than the registration deadline. Due to the special character of the workshop and long list of invited speakers, there is only a limited time for short communications; the Scientific Committee will make a selection.

Conference fee

The conference is partially supported by the Banach Center, the Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science, the University of Luxembourg, the European Mathematical Society, and the Humboldt Foundation. The conference fee is 150 EUR (or equivalent in PLN) for participants registered by May 15, 2016. Late registration conference fee is 250 EUR (or equivalent in PLN), as well as the accommodation of accompanying persons. These numbers are preliminary and will be fixed after the deadline of registration. The conference fee will cover the accommodation (full-board) of participants in Będlewo and social events (conference dinner, excursion). Participants are kindly requested to cover the travel expenses from their own sources.

The conference fee can be paid in cash upon arrival. There is also a possibility of paying by bank transfer. Participants willing to make a bank transfer should state it during the registration process. The details of the bank transfer will be sent to such persons by e-mail.

Support for students

Ph. D. students are encouraged to apply for the registration fee waiver (founded by the Banach Center) and travel support (founded by the Solidarity Committee of the EMS). To apply fill in the "special requirements" field in the registration form.

How to get there?

To Poznań

The nearest big city to Będlewo is Poznań - located about 30 km to the north. Poznań has its own airport (airport code POZ) connected by a regular service with several European capitals and also the main Polish airport in Warsaw. It is also connected by a regular train service with Warsaw and Berlin. When going by train you should look for connections to the station Poznań Główny (Poznań Main Station). The travel from either the airport, or the main train station to the conference center is described below.

Conference bus

On Sunday 25th September three conference buses will be organized from Poznań Airport and Poznań Main Station (Poznań Główny) to the conference center. The buses will carry the sign “50SLS”. The list of people who, according to our knowledge, are supposed to use each bus can be found here.

At the airport the bus will wait near the entrance to the arrivals hall. At the station the bus will wait near so called "Dworzec Letni" at Dworcowa street. Please find the map with location of Dworzec Letni and the photo. It is a few minutes walk, you have to pass under the bridge.

If your arrival time do not fit any of the buses you can go by taxi or follow the instructions below. It is recommended to use taxis form "Taxi Express" company, because this is the company that cooperates with Będlewo and most of the drivers know the way.

Reaching Będlewo on your own

Będlewo is rather a solitary place so reaching it by regular communication is quite a challenge. For this reason if you travel on your own we recommend you taking a taxi from Poznań Airport/Main Train Station to Będlewo (35 km, approx. 200 PLN=50 EUR). We recommend using the taxi company called “Taxi Express”.

Alternatively, from the main train station (Poznań Główny) you can take a train to Mosina and then a taxi to the Palace (9km, approx. 40 PLN=10 EUR). You can also go by bus from Poznań main bus station (in front of the main train station) via Mosina to Dymaczewo Nowe (3km to the east from Będlewo), or via Stęszew to the bus stop “Będlewo Skrzyżowanie” (2,5km to the west from the palace). You can get from the airport to the Main Train/Bus Station by a regular bus service.

Practical information about Poland

We encourage you to visit the official promotional website of the Republic of Poland. Some basic information are presented below.

Money and shopping

Polish currency is the zloty (zł, PLN), which is divided into 100 groszy (1 zł = 100 gr). Banknotes and coins used in Poland can be found here.

You can change money in numerous bureaux de change or in banks. Currency exchange points are usually located in city centres, at railway stations, airports, etc. 1 EUR is approximately 4,3 PLN, 1 USD approximately 3,9 PLN (December 2015). Some (bigger) shops may accept payment in Euro.

Debit and credit cards (Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron) are widely accepted. There should be no problem when paying by card in supermarkets, at filling stations, in restaurants or hotels. Only in newsagent’s kiosks, local shops and sometimes railway stations (!) you will need to have cash. Cash machines are numerous in bigger cities.

Travel and visas

Poland is a member of the Schengen zone, hence you do not need a visa when travelling from another Schengen-zone county. Citizens from other countries may need a visa. The precise regulations can be found on the web page of Poland's missions abroad.

Supported by:

Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences

Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science

University of Luxembourg

European Mathematical Society

The Humboldt Foundation


In case of any questions please contact 50SeminarLie[at]gmail.com or directly one of the members of the Local Organization Committee.
(C) Michał Jóźwikowski, 2015 & 2016